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Rayvolt, a dynamic and accomplished artist in the hardcore music scene, has left an indelible mark with electrifying performances at renowned festivals including Defqon.1, Decibel, Masters Of Hardcore, and Thunderdome. His hardcore beats have garnered widespread support from influential figures in the industry such as Re-Style, Dr Peacock, Crypton, solidifying his position as a prominent force in the hardcore music landscape.

As the anticipation builds, it is time to 'Break The Silence' with Rayvolt's upcoming album, poised and ready to make a resounding impact. Get ready to embark on a thrilling sonic journey as this new release is set to take the hardcore scene by storm, delivering an explosive fusion of kicks that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Rayvolt's distinctive sound and unwavering energy are about to redefine the boundaries of hardcore, ensuring that the silence is shattered and replaced with an exhilarating symphony for all hardcore enthusiasts.

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In 2024, Rayvolt is gearing up to release an edgy mini album titled "Break The Silence." Fueled by intense kicks, exhilarating melodies, and raw atmospheres, this album is all about shattering the quiet and immersing yourself in a gritty sonic experience. Rayvolt's distinctive style blends powerful beats with uplifting tunes, creating a dynamic and electrifying sound. If you're craving music that's unapologetically bold and ready to push boundaries, "Break The Silence" is the album to look out for!

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